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Agrigento - Farvara - Camping Luminoso

We booked camping Luminoso in Sicily from Saturday 18 February. We also visited this campsite in 2017 and we liked it so much that we want to stay there for another week. The distance from camping Lilybeo near Marsala to camping Luminoso is only 250 km, but you drive a maximum of 60 km per hour on this road. That's why we take an intermediate campsite in Agrigento for two nights.


This place is known for its ‘Valley of the Temples’. These temples attract hundreds of thousands of visitors a year. Just like we visited in the middle of summer 2017. Blood hot, pretty busy and no shade. If you can visit this in spring or autumn as it is definitely worth it. We don't visit it again now. We choose to go to Favara.


This village is located 10 km from Agrigento a little further into the country.There were no special visits in this village. It was dilapidated, no baroque buildings actually not worth it. Despite that, 600 construction and construction companies were said to have been registered. So in other words, quite under the influence of “Mafia” practises. Until a young couple bought up a number of blocks of houses. These were completely dilapidated, largely abandoned and transformed this block into an exhibition space. Called Farm Culture Park. The whole consists of small courtyards, where you can get lost. Stairs, alleys that you wonder where you end up now. It is a permanent collection of modern and provocative art. For example, taking a stand against the mafia, but a large Putin mural can now also be seen. It is now also under international interest and is copied in multiple places around the world. There are shops, cafes, a bed&breakfast and more. Unfortunately, everything was closed on Friday, but this allowed us to walk through a large part of the exhibition for free. Colourful, creative, beautiful elephant mural, graffiti, a cool courtyard with mini theatre or discussion room. I loved seeing it. Especially because of the colours, but also because it is so unique and completely different from the many baroque you see here. Definitely recommended!

Camping Luminoso

On Saturday the 18th we drove the 120 kilometres to camping Luminso in 2.5 hours. It's just as beautiful as it was in 2017. The sanitary facilities are still as clean and tidy as it was then. The beach? The beach is chaos at the moment, and then it is already a lot better cleaned up than last week.

In one of the previous blogs, or vlogs, we told us that we had consciously driven from Noto to Palermo. Firstly, because camping Luminoso was full (until February 18), secondly, the weather was bad in the south-eastern region. Much worse than in the Palermo region. Yes, we also had some rain there and it was cloudy, but it is not comparable to what they have had to endure here.

It has been continuously raining and blowing hard for 48 hours. The beach is dotted with branches, bamboo, a lot of plastic, and various other items. (up to a fridge). The bridge nearby, and which goes to the very tip of this region, has been knocked away. Residents have been having to cross the bridge on foot for a week and walk to their home. Where they also have no electricity. According to Sicilian style, this is only picked up after a week. It was supposed to be solved last Friday, was not done, so they do it today (Sunday haha).

Etna has also not been passable for a week. Because where it rains here, it snowed a lot on the mountain. They wanted snow in the small ski resort on the north side. Now they have snow, but can't get there. It is metres high on the roads up. Only tomorrow, so after 1.5 weeks it seems that the ordinary audience can and is allowed to go up again. They have had to clean everything up step by step with bulldozers, crane trucks, snowploughs. How do I know this? By following the Etna group on facebook, you can view Etna's webcams. The first days they didn't, but they also slowly come back into the air.

Conclusion? It was very good that we ‘thought back’ for a while and went to Palermo first. This week it will stay sunny and warm here. Who knows, maybe finally supping? In the cold water brrrrr.

Ciao Tutti, vanuit Camping Luminoso


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