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Arriverdeci Sicily

That's it. We are back on the mainland of Italy, but how we will miss Sicily. For anyone who hasn't been here yet? Just do it! Visit the island with its beautiful Etna, its beautiful villages and towns, the authentic character of the people, but also the hospitality of them. Not to mention the good food, the delicious oranges, the sweet treats such as the cannoli. Then why don't you stay? I hear you think... We want to see even more from Italy and from Europe. So we travel further.

In six weeks we have seen a lot of the island, but far from everything. It is difficult to make choices in what you will/will not see. We have been at many different campsites, from back to basic, to private sanitary facilities. We can recommend them all, even though they are different in what they offer. This gives you a good impression of what the island and life really is like.

Door de strategische ligging van Sicilië hebben veel volken door de eeuwen heen een stempel op het eiland gedrukt. Hierdoor is het een uniek eiland qua cultuur, qua architectuur en qua keuken.

No part of the country is equal to the other, which also makes it nice that we took six weeks. And also visited those parts that are often skipped on organised trips.

What do we definitely recommend doing when you are in Sicily? 1. Of course visit Mount Etna. She rises above the island erratic, powerful and proud. She occasionally brings danger to erupts them, but she also brings fertile soil. That's why the oranges here are so tasty and grapes for the wine grow well here too. The Sicilians have learned to live with Mount Etna. 2. Taormina with its Greek theatre and beautiful view is not to be missed. 3. Palermo. A chaotic city with a mix of cultures and beautiful architecture. 4. Corleone. Away from the hectic pace, inland, getting to know a unique village and its history 5. The west, like Trapani and Marsala. Precisely because it is so different from the rest of the island. The lowlands, the sea views to the Aegadian Islands and the special cultures 6. Agrigento for its temples, and while you are there visit modern art in Favara. 7. Modica. The chocolate city of Sicily, who doesn't want to experience that.

We were very lucky to have “thought around” when camping Luminoso was full in early February and we first went to Palermo. As a result, we bypassed the very bad weather on the east side and had beautiful beach weather at Luminoso campsite last week. I would also recommend this campsite to anyone. Right on the beach, great places, good atmosphere, well maintained, clean sanitary facilities and ideal for visiting cities such as Ragusa, Modica or Scicli. It was enjoying the sun, the relaxation, the beach and the campsite.

We still visited the city of Modica, the chocolate city of Sicily. The chocolate is made in an old, authentic way. You have to taste that. The main street is full of various chocolate shops / chocolate makers. In addition, there is a chocolate museum. Bring a sweater because it's cold inside. The images that are there are made of chocolate. Well watch - don't touch and eat haha.

Sicily, I wouldn't be surprised if we come back again. Ever........... Arriverdeci Sicily


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