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Looking at the sea from the caravan window, I decide to write an extra blog. Last week we did more than just visited Mount Etna and the blog is not only for the followers, but also for ourselves. I think it would be nice to read back next year what we have all experienced and done and that we continue to remember this. And who knows, we might bundle them :-). Hence an extra blog.

Camping La Focetta Sicula A two star campsite, facilities are therefore basic. However, it is the place you should go here for. Directly by the sea, on the beach, close to shops and various attractions nearby. The beach has a combination of pebbles and grey/black sand - see photo. I thought Misty would find it weird, but she had a great time on the beach.You can walk on the beach to the shops or fishing boats in no time. All we have to get used to are the ‘outdoor showers’. They are not really outside, but everything is open and when you open the door you are immediately outside. So after a wonderful hot shower you are immediately back in the open air. Then you put on a lot of clothes, I hear you think. Yes, provided the shower cubicle is large enough and that is often not the case. Many Italians only put on a bathrobe and nothing more. Fortunately, I also have these and the bathrobe has been used many times. Very useful!

Within walking distance is the ARD, not the German TV channel, but a supermarket. Which (in our opinion) is even cheaper than the Lidl! It's almost not possible, but here it is. It is a nice atmospheric store, which also sells TVs and washing machines. Next to the supermarket is a parking lot, where there is regularly a car from which products are sold. Fruits, vegetables, hats. We even saw contracts signed on the hood of a car. There are also various sales stalls along the way, where the authentic Sicilian tries to sell his products. I bought a large bag of oranges, delicious fresh orange juice in the morning.

Forza d'Agro

An authentic village high on the hill, 420 meters high and has less than 900 inhabitants. Narrow streets meander through the village, up to the Annunziata Cathedral from the 14th century and an old castle that is currently being converted / rebuilt. There is a pleasant atmosphere, due to the many plants that are there, the nice balconies and car-free streets. In addition, scenes have been shot in the village for all three parts of the film The Godfather. In the film, the village can be seen as the village of Corleone, while the real village of Corleone is much further west, below Palermo. The church returns twice in the film. We were there around dusk and there was no lighting in the church. Very special. In the end one light was on, the light I lit. The alley through which young Vito Corleone disappears, hidden in a baby carrier on a donkey can also be seen in this village.


Sicily's most famous tourist resort and only a 15-minute drive from the campsite. It used to be a popular place for people who made a grand tour and attracted many aristocrats and wealthy people, including European monarchs. Goethe already praised the city in 1787 and wrote D.H. Lawrence lived in town for a while. The European nobility hibernated there, such as Empress Elisabeth of Austria-Hungary (Sissi) and the German Emperor Wilhem II. After World War II, it remained a destination of the jet set, all this led to Taormina now being a prosperous place. G7 leaders met in 2017.

We have been to Taormina twice before. In 2004 in a hotel at the foot of the village, so we only had to walk to the cable car. It will take you up to the village. And in 2017 high summer, nice and busy with tourists (so we). If you don't like the crowds you shouldn't be here in the summer. Then go in the early or late season.

The most beautiful thing about Taormina is the Greek Theatre. The theater is spectacular, but the view even more so. You have a beautiful view over the sea and views of Mount Etna. The theater accommodated 5,000 spectators. We had a delicious cannolo in the cafe. The employees were cold with 14 degrees and sun. I showed them a photo of the Netherlands where there is snow at the moment, then they got even colder haha.

By the way, parking is a thing in Taormina. There are two large parking spaces and a smaller one and of course you can go up by cable car. In 2017 we parked on the north side of the city. To get to the parking lots you have to drive up via a ‘spiral’. The one on the north side also has high curbs in that spiral and the many black stripes on the walls testify to a collision here and there. Now we chose the south side ‘Porte Catania’ and it is better to do for larger cars, or because you just want less chance of damaging your car. There are no curbs here and you can drive up quietly to a parking space.Please note that parking is not cheap, even in early or late season.

All in all a nice week in the North-East of Sicily.

Cordiali saluti vanuit Catania


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