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Italians drive cars like we cycle and the experiences around Catania

Rudolf realizes it. The Italians in the south of Italy drive cars, as we cycle. What does he mean by this? Well, the three of you cycle side by side on a two-lane road, cycle the road regardless of whether someone arrives, just cross the road without looking, put the bike down in places where it doesn't belong and then preferably double next to each other. Oh yes, of course we don't stick out a hand (flashing light) on the bike and you can pass both left and right by bike. The phone is easy to use on the bike, although this is not legally allowed. Does it seem a bit familiar? Read the above again and read instead of cycling car and/or driving? So that's how they drive here. A bit creative, with a lot of own initiative. The further south you get to Italy, the better you have to pay attention and/or adjust to the way you drive here. And they also love honking here. Often in the hills just before the bends, that's handy, but also in the city because you don't drive on, or because they want to pass by. We see a lot of cars with damage, both on the side and on the bumpers. Yet we have not seen an accident yet. Rudolf did see an elderly lady driving backwards and grabbed a sidewalk and a fence and she just drove on. We have also seen the damage of a minor collision, but a collision or accident? No not seen. For now, Rudolf has figured out the trick and drives very well with the flow. Hopefully also without scratches and dents :-). Villa Padrino Part II This is the place where filming was done for the Godfather part two. At this villa, Vito Corleone takes revenge on Don Ciccio for killing his entire family. The villa has been totally neglected, completely dilapidated and yet it remains beautiful to see. Nevertheless, I immediately see possibilities for this villa with an atmospheric appearance and beautiful location. Downstairs three apartments, upstairs four to six rooms, downstairs we live, there is room for a large terrace. In addition, there is space in the garden for a mini campsite, camper spot and swimming pool. With a view of Mount Etna on one side and sea views on the other. The history of the Godfather as a theme, isn't this the place where you want to spend the night in Sicily? Now the money for the major renovation :-) Catania This is Sicily's second city and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is a large busy city with up to 320,000 inhabitants. Remember that Groningen is around 200,000 and Utrecht is around 350,000 and you have some idea how big this city is. It is a busy city with many cars that all want to get around the city center at the same time. There is little space for cyclists, we have noticed and after being on the bike twice we only go by car once. What I find special about this city is that the buildings and streets are made of black lava rock. Of course cheered up with colors, but you can see it anyway. The city center has many beautiful baroque buildings, like so many cities here in the southeast. This is due to the great earthquake of 1693 and the subsequent lava flooding. Almost all cities in the South East have been rebuilt since 1700. For example, Castello Ursino was located on the port (and sea) in 1693, but is now in the middle of the city. The city has grown through the lava and then built it again. The Roman theater is also completely surrounded by houses, while it used to be ‘free’. We thought, when we went by car, that it would be quiet in the city on Sunday. Nothing could be further from the truth. Mega busy. On the boulevard along the sea, in the city all restaurants were busy, squares were cozy. On Sundays, the Sicilians visit the city with the whole family. All in all very cozy. We also sat on a terrace and enjoyed the special atmosphere on this Sunday. And delicious food of course! Arrivederci from Syracusa


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