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Pearls in Reggio Calabria - Pentedatillo & Scilla

From Sicily you can take the ferry to the mainland of Italy in half an hour and then you arrive in Calabria. A region that is often skipped by the tourists and that you usually drive alone through. We didn't do that this time, well to a small extent.

We ended up at agriturismo Rudi in Gallina / Reggio Calabria. I had already spotted this one when we went to Sicily and is ideal to visit on the way back (or way there haha) to or from Sicily.

What a pearl! A small agriturismo, beautiful places, with excellent sanitary facilities. But also a delicious restaurant with products from your own country, good own wine and a host you say to. For the most part we were alone, but this was not a big deal at all. While we didn't like that at other campsites, it was just enjoying it here. From the tranquillity, the birds, views of Mount Etna, the walks with Misty in nature and from the relaxed atmosphere.

The "ghost Village" Pentedatillo

This village is located against a mountain, which looks like a hand through the five peaks in the mountain - minus two peaks that have since been demolished. However, the special thing is that it is an almost abandoned village. It was completely deserted, but since the beginning of this century, a group of artists and volunteers have revived the village a little bit. For us it was quite quiet and empty. Many dilapidated houses, quiet alleys, beautiful views and one shop that was open. This was the macrame shop, but what a special place. You enter a world of lamps, light and macrame. Very special to see, beautifully decorated and a very friendly artist who was very happy with our visit. Thanks to Adolfo's tip from agriturismo Rudi we have been here and can recommend it to anyone. Especially when the season is slightly advanced, then there will probably be more open and there will be more commotion.

The Venice of Calabria - Scilla

Another good tip from Adolfo! The first thing you notice is a rock-built castle ( Castello di Ruffo), which can still be visited and has beautiful views. You see Sicily to Stromboli and Tropea in the East. Definitely recommended, for only €2,- p.p. to visit. Don't forget to walk into the exhibition space, because only in this way will you get to the top point of the castle.

On one side of the castle you have a long boulevard with sandy beach, which is certainly nice and busy in the summer. On the other side of the castle you have ‘little Venice’. An old fishing district built on wooden poles and where the houses are located directly by the sea. We visited this and how glad we did this. You have to pay something for it, a good walk down (and therefore up again). And then I almost forget the car ride there, because we were killed by roadworks/traffic jam and therefore drove wrong twice.

The atmosphere, the narrow streets, the colourful fishing boats, the small churches, the restaurants we loved seeing. At a restaurant we meet a couple from Canada who are travelling through Italy, with whom we have socialising. Fishermen still go out regularly. Traditionally, swordfish are caught here and you can see that on many menus. And we were a little luck with the weather. A radiant sun, which makes all the colours in the photos look even more beautiful and because of the beautiful weather we could even see the aeolian islands.

Adolfo had many more tips. For walks in the mountains and in the national park, other ghost villages, the town of Reggio Calabria, the turtle shelter centre along the south coast and so on. We (unfortunately) didn't all get around to that. Next time don't drive on, but stop at agriturismo Rudi :-) and admire this beautiful region.

And now? Off to Puglia!

Ciao Lianne and Rudolf (and a misty's paw)


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