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South of France and Italy

Boxing Day, 27 December we arrive in the south of France at camping La Vieille Ferme located next to Marineland on the Cote d'Azur. The campsite has been closed for a while and it is the first day they are open again. It is equally busy, the campsite is 70% full and will be almost fully occupied the following days. Few campsites are open during this period in this area so it also makes sense Then what do we do first of all? Exactly yes, cleaning the caravan, cleaning the car, washing the clothes, shopping. But while enjoying the sun. Delicious again everything fresh.


Then visit family (uncle and cousin of Lianne) in Roquefort-les-Pins. Whenever we are passing through and we arrive in the south of France, we go there for a while. They live there beautifully and it always feels like a warm welcome. We are invited to New Year’s Eve and therefore decide to stay two days longer. On New Year's Eve it is a colourful company of various nationalities. The great thing is that I effortlessly switch from English to German, to Dutch. I only don't speak French fluently, but I do understand a lot. My cousin brought and made a lot of delicacies at home. Fresh tuna salad, oysters, tomato on puff pastry and of course we fry apple flaps and oliebollen. Not to forget the Burgundian bitterballs! Personally, I really liked the apple flaps, but my cousin also had a good assistant to make these (;-)). Cosy and valuable to do this together. How beautiful can small moments of happiness be. Before we leave, Rudolf takes another picture of Lianne and her uncle who is already in his eighties. Another lucky moment.'


They certainly know it in France, but they don't blast it from the 29th. New Year's Eve has never been so quiet. In the south of France they neatly comply with the parting ban, and only at the turn of the year it is fired. What a difference with the Netherlands where you are bombarded with various bangs for days. Unfortunately Misty doesn't like the fireworks and at 00:00 I have a trembling dog on my lap. Fortunately, this is over after fifteen minutes, but that extreme trembling is not nice for her and us.


Sunday 1 January 2023 we will drive into Italy. It is quiet on the road, which is nice with all those tunnels along the Flower Riviera towards Genoa. We end up at camping Miramare just below Livorno, where we stay for two nights.

I saw the sea

I had already seen her in France, but in Italy she was different. Bright in colour, with its jagged coastline, real rocks and stones. The wave calm and calming. I saw the sea as it can be, I really saw her this time. My breath dropped right away, this felt wonderful and relaxed.


Because we were in the neighbourhood we visited Pisa. This city has two main attractions. The Leaning Tower and Misty! What an experience this was. Already in the parking lot Misty had her first fans and arrived at the area where the tower of Pisa stands she had a lot of attention from people all over the world. From Italy to South Africa and to China. Her proud appearance grew with every step. She was petted, hugged and photographed. And that despite being in a busy and big city for the first time. What a beautiful dog and we were allowed to be her proud companions. Then just go shopping with both feet on the ground at the Lidl and on the way to new adventures............


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