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Hundertwasser appartement in Wenen buitenkant
Hundertwasser apartment Wenen

After Lake Bled we will stay in Slovenia for a while and in the city of Maribor. A sporty city with ski slopes where worldcup competitions are held annually. The centre is also very nice to visit. From the campsite we could go there by bike. However, so much more has happened that I choose to switch directly to Vienna.

What happened?

II did something stupid that I normally never do. If you travel through Europe for six months, pay close attention to your belongings, beware of unsafe situations, but in Austria you put your wallet on the roof of your car at a pit stop at a parking lot! I NEVER DO THIS! I never normally do this either, but now I do. When I came back from the restaurant at the gas station, I put the sandwiches and my wallet on the roof of the car. We ate the sandwiches deliciously, fed Misty, stretched our legs for a while and you know it. Then got on in the car to Donaupark camping Neuklosterburg near Vienna. I already feel wetness at check-in. I have to pay something in cash and can't find my wallet. Together we search all the regular places and then suddenly it starts to dawn............ He was on top of the car. How stupid can you be? Of course not the wisest act in my life, but despite that I stay calm and together we block the debit and credit card via the bank app. Then I'll also call after it to be sure, luckily it went well. Then I block my driver's license via the RDW, and call the insurance and the ANWB for new passes. And the rest, yes what else was in my wallet? Money, about €100,-, the acsi camping discount card, maybe the Sligro pass, but also a photo of me and my father. We arranged everything pretty quickly and didn't panic. But still, the rest of the afternoon the grinding remains in my head, what if? Suppose that? How then? An afternoon sleep is not possible, not even watching Netflix, I remain restless. Resulting in bursting headaches. Fortunately, I sleep well that night and wake up pretty fit. It keeps grinding in my head and when we want to get away on the bike I look for my wallet again. There were also travel tablets in it and some other medicines as a backup, I have to come up with something else for that now. Will be fine, it will be fine, it's good. It's no different, but yes you don't just resign yourself to that. I'll probably be fine. And my wallet? He now has a life somewhere on the highway I suspect, driven to pieces or accidentally discovered by someone if there is traffic jams. Coincidence doesn't exist, does it? Who knows, maybe someone will still find him and this person can use the €100.

By bike to Vienna

From the campsite you can cycle to Vienna with a great beautiful cycle path. In about 45 minutes you are in the centre of Vienna. It is not a cycle path along the cars, but a separately constructed cycle route. Wonderfully quiet cycling and to a large extent along the Danube. It is a really nice cycling route and many people use it, including the cyclists, mountain bikers, etc. Very special that this was built near this big city.

Muurschildering in Wenen
Mural in Vienna

Every now and then we stop to take pictures, we see a lot of beautiful street art, the river-cruise boats, nice restaurants and terraces and before you know it you are in the city centre without having suffered from the heavy traffic. There are also bicycle lanes in the city centre, cars really take them into account.

Reuzenrad bij Prater Wenen
Ferris wheel at Prater


Prater? Yes the Prater. A giant amusement park with stalls, performances, high-tech attractions and it is known for the huge Riesenrad (1896) by British engineer Walter Basset. There is also a sports park with football stadium, swimming pools, a racecourse and a cycling course.

JE pays for each attraction separately, so it's not one entrance fee for the entire park. You choose what you want to do and you pay for that. The whitewater courses, the roller coasters, various haunted houses, carrousels, mega large space towers (you prefer than me) and of course schieters, cotton candy, canning and 'grab machines'. When my sister goes to the fair, she always comes back with a lot of stuffed animals. And for little money! She throws in € 1,- and manages to grab a stuffed animal 9 out of 10 times. So a lot of stuffed animals for little money. Of course I try it for the vlogging too. I can't write if it worked out, because this blog can be read earlier than the vlog can be seen 😊. So all watch the vlogging on our YouTube channel next Friday from 5pm. It really is a great cool fair/amusement park. The attractions are not inferior to an amusement park, but special is that you can walk around 'freely'. For me it's a bit too many incentives, although I think it's cool to see. I would have thought I would do a number of attractions, but on the spot it is too many stimuli for me. Next time then?

Hundertwasser appartement


If you are in Vienna I can definitely recommend this house. Take a look outside the centre, away from the classic Viennese buildings and see this house and Hundertwasser Village. It is a block with apartments from 1985 by artist Friedensreich Hundertwasser. It is a beautiful building with various elements from Spain, Venice and Moorish influences. Each apartment has its own colour and mosaic runs in between. You can't get in, but it's beautiful to see. We sit down at the Hundertwasser café, under the green trees. Wonderfully relaxing. When paying, it turns out that the owner is from Kosovo. They don't speak Austrian and I ask if it's a special dialect. Then it turns out that they are talking Kosovo's. He was active in the war with Tito's Yugoslavia army and fled. The goal was Canada, but it eventually became Austria. Then we walk across the street to the Hundertwasser Village, an indoor shopping centre (still) also made by Hundertwasser. It originated in 1990 as a workshop, where the master himself developed his first purchasing centre. A romantic village square as the opposite of the sober normal shops The whole building is gracefully decorated, unfortunately there are now also tourist shops, but also an art gallery with replicas of Hundertwasser. What beautiful paintings, I want these at home. Unfortunately, that doesn't fit in the caravan, so it will be five beautiful cards that I can frame myself at home. Definitely recommended to visit if you are in Vienna. Unfortunately, the Kunst Haus Wien museum is closed until spring 2024. In this museum which is near the house you can admire the beautiful art in real life. A reason to come back 😊.

Stefhans Dom

Kathedraal in centrum van Wenen
Stefhans Dom - Kathedraal Wenen

Through the centre we start the bike ride back to the campsite. Because the museum was closed, I would like to see Vienna Cathedral. We certainly saw it, but only from the outside. It is mega pressure in the centre, despite being almost 30 degrees. Arriving at the square we see that it is full of police, police vans, motorcycles, black cars, 'anonymous security' (which is still visible). Then a motorcycle and car start moving and they drive around us to the hotel behind us. Shoppers see it and stand still to watch. The police gesture to us that we have to go back, cars start moving and in the meantime we are waiting in the scorching sun who comes out of the hotel. After waiting 20 minutes we continue cycling, otherwise Misty will be alone for too long. Although it turns out that it has been wonderfully cool in the caravan with 20 degrees due to the air conditioning. Via google we find out that Iranian Oil Minister Javad Owji and Saudi Prince Abdulaziz bin Salman met separately. Apparently the OPEC conference is in Vienna and they talked to each other separately. That's why there was so much security on the leg. Oja, the cathedral. Dates back to the 13th century, was largely destroyed in World War II and then rebuilt. Unfortunately not being able to see inside, who knows in the future. Then we have a bike ride back to the campsite, again along the Danube, partly in the sun, partly in the shade. After 45 minutes we are back at the campsite, please note that we cycle with an E-bike. Without E it will take you a little longer unless you are a fast cyclist of course 😊. Misty has been wonderfully cool and is happy to see us again. We are glad we are back, just out of the sun in the shade. Recovering from these experiences.

Two days later back on the bike to Vienna

After a day of rest in the heat, washing clothes, shopping, we go back on our bike to Vienna. This time the goal is the Café Museum

Café Museum

Since 1899 this cafe has been present in Vienna, near the centre and near the many museums. It is a typical Viennese coffee house, where many acquaintances, artists and artists meet. We were also here a few years ago, it was an alternative to the cafe where they serve the famous Viennese Sachertorte. Just like then, they were now standing outside in line to eat at this cafe de Sachertorte. However, at the Café Museum you can also enjoy it and the atmosphere appeals more to us, it is more informal, spatial and cosy. Mind you it's not cheap!

Sachertorte bij Café Museum
Schwarzwalderkirsch Torte

First we had a small lunch with a kind of tomato soup and a goulash soup. These were already delicious. For dessert we took cake. Rudolf de Sachertorte and I a Schwarzwalderkirsch. Both cakes ran out within 2 minutes and that says it all. With a well-filled stomach we cycle back into Vienna.



After the delicious and pricey lunch cycling, we choose to view all the museums at the Hofburg only from the outside. In addition, you have to make reservations for many museums, so that the influx is gradual. The Hofburg is one of the largest palace complexes in the world. Formerly the residence of the imperial family, now the centre of Vienna for museums, events and politics. This way you can go to the Spanish driving school, you know that you also see with the New Year's concert. To the Sisimuseum, to the state library, to the imperial treasury, take a tour in a carriage or electric car, the world museum and probably much more.

We only look at the beautiful buildings from the outside. Fortunately, it is not so busy on Sundays, all shops are closed and as a result there are fewer people in the city. I would have liked to visit the Sisi museum, which sees beautiful dresses in real life. However, €17.50 per person is quite pricey. Rudolf would have liked to see Belvedere Castle what is slightly east of the city.

For now it has stayed on the outside, because Vienna is such a nice city that we will definitely come back again. Last time it rained and we didn't see the beautiful buildings as well as we do now. Cycling along the Danube was also very special, along the rhine cruises, past the nice cafes that are there and the beautiful murals. By bike you see much more of a city than by public transport. Glad we have the bikes with us. Off to the next city by bike? (Literally) Warm regards from Katowice (Poland)


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