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Prague - Czech Republic

View of the Old Town Square

From Katowice we drive to Camping Bozanov, highly recommended in Czech Republic. Actually we wanted to go straight to Prague, but it would be about 35 degrees on Saturday the 15th of July. In northern Czech Republic it would only be 30 degrees. We thought a slightly better option and that was right.


Bozanov is a small village in North-East Czech Republic and is located near the mountains of the Broumovske Steny and a good starting point for walking and cycling (according to the campsite's website). The campsite has Dutch managers and are extremely welcoming. It is a beautiful campsite and from the place where we stood we have beautiful views and shade. In addition to a swimming pool, the campsite also has a swimming pond, ideal for the hot days. There are many Dutch people at the campsite.

Prague day I

Prague is less than 200 km from Bozanov. Here we do not choose a campsite in the centre and/or close to the centre, but for camping Drusus. This is about a 20-30 minute drive from the centre, depending on the crowds of course, and is wonderfully quiet. Here too we have a place with shade, and that's nice with 30 degrees for Misty, but also for us. Rudolf was in Prague 33 years ago and then thought it was a very beautiful city. In addition, the city was also cheap, he tells stories that the beer cost 0.10 cents. We don't expect this to be the case now 😊. On Monday we first drive a bit by car and park at Mr Parkit. You reserve a place online in advance and the parking garage will open especially for you if you call by phone when you are in front of the gate. From there we take the metro to the old city centre. First 'just' down the mega long escalator. Geez how long these are. The first takes some getting used to, but after a few times I dare to look further around and it even becomes pleasant. Prague has three major metro lines and that works very clearly.

Astronomical clock in Prague

Old Town Square and Astronomical Clock

We are the first to go to the old town square with a very special clock. Rudolf remembers it right away, all those old and beautiful buildings in the centre. Wherever you look, every building is beautiful. The architectural styles are different, but that also makes it special. There are churches, palaces, but Rudolf wants to look for the clock. It turns out that the clock is just around the corner from the church. The clock indicates the time in Prague, but also the location of the sun in the constellations, and also the distribution between sunrise and sunset. And even more so, but I forgot that.

Tomato soup in Old Town Square Prague

It is an astronomical clock and is the oldest working astronomical clock in the world. Every whole hour the 12 apostles pass by and there is a rooster crowing. We will be there at 12.30 and decide not to wait here. We are going to eat a soup, but in the square, knowing that we are paying the main price. Suddenly I see a lot of people in the square from the terrace, I look at the clock and see that it is 12.57. Rudolf still goes to the square to see the 12 apostles. Everyone applauds and within a minute it's over again.

Impressie oude stadsplein van Praag

Jewish Quarter

After lunch we continue towards the Jewish Quarter. Rudolf also found this special to see 33 years ago and therefore the Jewish cemetery In the 13th century, the Jews were forced to live here, in the neighbourhood that is now called Josefov. Most Jews died during World War II, but the synagogue has been preserved. Arriving at the synagogue, it turns out that there is now a lot to pay for the Jewish neighbourhood. Definitely €16,- for the synagogue and if you want to see the cemetery at least €20,- p.p. Rudolf is disappointed, and decides not to visit it.

Karelsbrug Praag

Charles Bridge

We continue along the Vltava to Charles Bridge. From a distance you can see the bridge in its entirety and you can take beautiful photos. In addition, things run a bit cooler under the trees, so in the summer in the city it is quite warm. The bridge over the Vltava dates back to the 14th century. There are a lot of statues of saints on the bridge and the bridge is 200 metres long and I estimate about 10-12 metres wide. In addition, there are large towers on both sides that you can climb, for a fee. Despite the scorching sun, it is well busy on the bridge. It has a bit of the ambiance of Montmartre in Paris. There are several draftsmen who can make a caricature of you, or artists who paint Prague. The images are pretty big and imposing up close. For me it has now become too hot, too busy and too touristy. For now, it's enough for a day in Prague. We go back by metro towards the car.

Prague day II

After a day of rest at the campsite we go to Prague again. We park the car again at a Mr Parkit and then first look at a piece of alternative Prague.


The website of this location can only be read in Prague, so it does indicate that there are few tourists coming. At least that shows when we are there. You'll walk past it like this if you don't realise it. The entrance consists of two large steel doors amidst a regular residential block.

Vnitro block in Prague

It is a hip space that is used multifunctionally. There is a café – restaurant, there are places to work and there are pop-up shops. In addition, workshops are given and there is art, all in industrial style. It was built in the ruins of an old Prague factory. There even seems to be a mini-cinema in the basement.

Lovely to be here outside the tourist crowds and beautiful how it is decorated. There are many plants, there are lounge chairs and there are workplaces. No table is the same in the hospitality industry. The chairs are different and also painted differently with aqua colour. The cola is not a coca cola, but industrial cola, at least it is in a special bottle. The art that hangs there is diverse and you can buy, there is a price tag of course. Outside is a small terrace and there is a large wall mural on the wall. A place to gain energy and creativity. Delicious! Rudolf has figured out which metros to take to get to Prague Castle. It means 2x switching. From the red line to the yellow and from the yellow to the green. However, this takes up to 30 minutes. In retrospect, it turns out that we could have just taken tram 12 and then we would have been to Prague Castle in 15 minutes. We did this on the way back. The advantage of the tram is that you also see a little more of the city.

Cathedral in Prague Castle

Prague Castle

First tip: there is also a tram going up to the castle, you don't have to walk up all the stairs!!!! And thanks Rudolf. When we did this at 28 degrees I had to stop a few times, because I almost couldn't anymore. And that this was not a good idea, and how Rudolf could think of this, and ............. Oh well you understand I hope. Actually, it's a kind of citadel just like in Berat in Albania. A complex of large palaces, residences, squares, churches and cathedrals. A city above the city. Only it is very well preserved. The luxury radiates from it on all sides.

The castle is built on a hill and towers above the city. Once you're upstairs, huh, you have a beautiful view. I couldn't enjoy it right away, but once I was rested I was. In the citadel you can buy a 'multi-ticket' where you can visit five buildings, churches, palaces. We walked past it alone, except for the St. Vitus Cathedral. You could also view these for free. This one is beautiful to see. In any case, you also fall from one beautiful building to another beautiful building. Now there is also the government building and the president's residence, the palace, there is an art gallery and the cathedral as I described earlier. There is also the famous Golden Lane, unfortunately the time was too short to do this too. Just like the monastery with library that we were unable to visit. Either just in front of Prague Castle you can go out for a day.

View from Prague Castle

When we walked out again on the other side, we also saw quite a bit of surveillance with armaments. This guard was very friendly and indicated that there was also the president building here, but that he didn't know if the president was there or not (yes, yes). Here we also had a view of Petrin Park. You can go there with a funicular and on top is a mini Eifel Tower. So you can also see this well from the citadel.

Doing Prague?

Yeah certainly do it! It is a beautiful city and you can stay quietly for a week if you want to see everything. If we go again I would go in the early or late season. Slightly less hot and maybe a little less busy? It was very touristy now, but yes we were there ourselves 😊. Warm regards with Dutch weather from the Netherlands!!!


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